Hip hop dance clothing


The hip hop that is one of the well known dance form in today was started as a street dance. Perhaps this is why the clothes of this dance form are normally those people would normally wear in their day to day life like over-sized pants, sneakers and jerseys. With time the popularity of this music and also the dance form grew and the clothes also become the particular dress for this dance. Most in the early hours hip hop dance was famous particularly in African-American and the civilization reflected in the clothing style that was hug.

The accessories were also famous. Whilst women wear a lot of ornaments, the men were not left far behind, wearing as a lot of accessories themselves. Heavy earrings, belts, long chains that were made of metal are a vast element of appearance for a hip hop dancer. As time passes the clothes for hip hop dancers become a little less accessorized than before due to the injuries that can take place owing to them. The metallic belts and chains were replaced by caps, tattoos and bandannas. The baseball caps were born by both women and men.


Today also the dance costumes are not so much changed then earlier. Wearing loose, over sized baggy clothing and hip hop dance shirts with good quality dance shoes that give sufficient support for all kinds of the stunts that are perform by the hip hop dancer while he or she is dancing.

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