Chris Stokes – The Mogul of Music


Chris Stokes is most popularly known for his success in the field of music. He has lately shot the initial couple of videos Girlfriend and Hey Baby for Face Off, Omarion’s duet album featuring Bow Wow. It was released in December 2007. His latest is Battlefield America, a dance film, which has brought about a new dimension on the dance movies. The movie was released on June 1, 2012. Coming a long way from his venture in the field of music, Stokes has made his mark in the apparel business with Christopher Brian, which is a high end line of apparels.

Stokes has been the creative director of the apparel line since the beginning. It signifies his dream for beautiful and luxurious attire for all men and women. Christopher Brian is recognized as the brand that caters to millionaires so much so that it was hugely successful at the Magic Trade Show in 2007 in Las Vegas. The Hard Rock hotel was stacked Body English by hundreds of celebrities for the launch of the line that was featured by a special performance by Timbaland. Now, the collection is available at selective boutiques.

In the year 2007, Chris Stokes went behind the camera to direct the horror flick Somebody Help Me, starring Marques Houston and Omarion. Stokes was also the scriptwriter for the movie. The DVD of the movie released on November 13, 2007, making a television premier on BET at Halloween the same year. Stokes reinvented the dance genre and culture with his pop hit, You Got Served. He thought of doing the same thing with Boogie Town the following year in 2008. This movie was written and directed by him too. This is where he took the genre of dance to another level altogether by incorporating the element of the supernatural.

This marked the birth of a futuristic trend of dance battling and choreography. The film is commonly known as the contemporary Westside Story, with a mixture of Underworld, Twilight and You Got Served. Boogie Town offers a fresh and innovative look in the realm of dance. Boogie Town is yet to release. In 2010, Stokes experimented with Somebody Help Me 2, the follow-up which unites Stokes with Sonny King (Corbin), Marques Houston (Brendan) and Omarion (Darryl). Through the years, Stokes has made his mark in different fields. In the future, he plans to move in the television industry, where he will surely be successful.

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