Ballet is very popular yet old dance form which was being in the Italian courts in 15th century where this dance was performed. After that it spread all over France. King Louis XIV was very much zealous about this dance form and he founded Royal Dance Academy to promote Ballet. This is reason why you will find most of the French words in ballet.

After 18th century its popularity declined in France but it was still popular in Russia, Denmark and Italy. During First World War, this dance form came to western countries of Europe and here it flourished once again. Many variations were made in this dance form like classical ballet, contemporary ballet, neoclassical ballet and romantic ballet.

Classical ballet has techniques of traditional ballet whereas neoclassical ballet is not so stiff. In this dance form tempos are fast and complicated positions are performed which makes it beautiful. Neoclassical is a mixture of classical and contemporary. Contemporary ballet is inspired by modern dance form and classical ballet. It mainly focuses on abdominal strength and foot movements. You have to dance without shoes in ballet contemporary form of dance. When the dancers become perfect in their moves, they float on the stage and fascinate the spectators with their flawless performance. It is not at all easy to become a professional dancer in ballet because dedication, passion, grace and skills all together have to be combined here. Once you are perfect in all these, you will surely mesmerize the audience.

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