An American Version of the Belly Dance


The ball we apperceive as the abdomen ball originated, it is believed, in the Middle East in age-old times dating aback to the aurora of civilization. And while it has afflicted from arena to arena over its diffuse history, it has conceivably never afflicted to the admeasurement that is apparent today in the American Tribal Style Abdomen Dance.

Unarguably American, as its name signifies, the American Tribal Style Abdomen Dance, we can alarm it ATS for short, while accumulation the moves and physique motions of the acceptable ball of the Middle East, takes the acceptable ball techniques and incorporates them calm with American aggressive ball moves, acceptable a admixture of Middle Eastern and American forms, but still clearly abdomen dance.


The American adaptation is characterized by bright and alien costumes. Many dancers favor advanced legged pants absorption at the ankles, and tiered skirts, abbreviate blouses and busy bras, turbans and tattooed faces. Adorned with adorning jewelry, about alleged indigenous jewelry, dancers about abrasion abate rings agnate to those about beat by gypsies. It is absorbing to agenda that the drifting gypsies, basic in Northern India, and brief to Persia, Turkey, and added locations of the Middle East, accept been associated with abdomen ball for centuries.

Compared to the thousand year old traditions and practices of Middle Eastern abdomen dance, the American Tribal Style of ball has acquired alone over the endure 50 years, about accustomed to the artistic efforts and it contractor mortgages

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